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Picking Paint is Like Picking a Persona


Our home is 80 years old. She's strong and beautiful. She is kinda grey-blue on the outside. She is renovated on the inside (minus the kitchen and bathrooms). We love her, but something has to change.

Inside her walls are what feels Mediterranean. Buttercream and Honey lace almost all the walls on the lower level. She needs a facelift pronto.

It looks like we have entered into a paint debate. How have you chosen what colors a room should be? Share with us, as we are lost folks!





Ode to the Pups!

Whenever we are catching up with friends and family, the first thing out of their mouth is "How is Rocket and Porkchop?!". We have to admit, it makes us feel a little unloved they come first. Just kidding. Well...kinda.

We thought we would give a little update and let you in on how they are doing, and what they have been up to.

Porkchop had his first Christmas this year! He was gifted a new toy fox, which we promptly names Foxy Brown (see above) and Rocket was given a new bunny, which we names Fuzzy Bun Bun. They absolutely loved their toys. We also gave them some mini tennis balls.

There were a lot of firsts this year for Rocket. We played in the snow with the pups during the snow storm Christmas week. They had about two minutes of fun before the shivering began. Then off the to living room where they love sitting by the fire. They love to run around the house and chase eachother, but we have to keep close watch because they tent to fly down the stairs if unsupervised. Talk about a heart stopping moment. You watch a 3lb Yorkie fly down a flight of stairs and see if your stomach doesn't crawl up your throat!

My favorite part of the holiday with this has been their new cozy winter gear. For Porkchop we outfitted him a a cozy shark coverup and Rocket got a skunk. It will make you smile every time you see them waddle around.

So those are the deets about the dogs! We cant wait for Spring, when we can actually have some outdoor adventures with our furbabies!




Winter Break Almost Over...

We have been having fun playing in the snow with our puppies and making a bunch of stuff around the house! This week we will share everything we soon as I find the cord for my camera!

Hope everyone is having a blast! Just a few more days until the new year. What are your goals for '10?