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We're sorry! So Sorry! 

Thanks to a reader we were alerted that everyone who follows us via a reader never got the update we changed our platform to wordpress, and you have not been getting your feed! We are so so sorry for the confusion. You can upade your feed here.

Of course we would love to have you over on our new platform! We rebranded, relaunched and have exciting stuff hapenning all the time - like a new baby boy's nursery we need to start working on!

much love!

Joey & Lana and URL's still work :)



Best Ceiling Wallpaper for a Kids Room!

Quickly after learning we were pregnant came mild hysteria of "oh snap! things need done", then realization that the endless to-do-list has some points which definitely need end dates. Like filling the nursery with all the right stuff, buying fans, brining the mini fridge upstairs, finding and installing a microwave that doubles as a vent for the stove, oh yea - a new vacuum, black out curtains, We should probably get a new mattress now too,  there has got to be more....

So we decided to take these seven months and turn the tasks into bite sized pieces of simple-yet-effective tasks, and go up and work down. This brings us back to wallpaper. Remember my obsession with wallpaper (here, here, and here)? It's still there. I have just quietly tucked it away in a dark corner waiting for an excuse to order the samples and get all loony again, and by George, I think we have a pretty valid excuse. Baby needs wallpaper. 

Our awesome and talented fried Duane painted this mural in the non-existent-then baby's room a few years back, so wallpaper on the walls isn't so much an option. 

So what about the ceiling? Yep, what about the ceiling?! I was on a hunt to find a patterned wallpaper that would actually work on a ceiling, and here is what I have narrowed it down to, assuming we have a boy.

We used this wallpaper in the Lake House downstairs bathroom (Emily took the photo on the right), and it turned out fantastic. Perhaps my favorite room in the house. Well, that and the kitchen. I have coveted this paper for years now (see wallpaper post links above!), and to see it freshly pressed against a wall was all I needed to kick-start my love affair again. See how good it looks?

Gosh darnit Julia Rothman, you know how to make wallpaper I like. I think this wallpaper works for a ceiling because the scale is perfect, the white space is perfect, and even if the birds are all flying in the same direction, I don't think that will translate weird on a ceiling. 

$125 a Roll at Hygge and West, tons of color options available.

I kinda love this image, but it messes with my spit personality disorder. I really dig the monochromatic thing Restoration Hardware has going on in all the kids rooms. They looks so cozy and clean and perfect. Then I get caught up in something fun and warm like this. Those yellow stripes do it for me, and as I searched online - I found you get can similar wallpaper super cheap. Like $19 a roll cheap. Am I a serious and strict mom or am I a cool and trendy mom? Decisions, decisions...

I love everything about this for a kids room ceiling. The scale is perfect. The non commitment to a color story is perfect for an ever changing room. It's cool, but I don't think it's so trendy you'll get sick of it by Fall. I am scared to get a quote. If it's cheaper than a unicorn, I'll consider it.


I like this guys too simply because it's so simple and imperfect. All Modern has it at $149 a roll, which puts it slightly above most wallpapers I like. I don't think I will be running to buy this one first, but I do think it would look cool on a ceiling, somewhere.

Trove released this wallpaper a few years ago and I was in love then, and I still am now. I think it would work well on the ceiling. I have no idea how much it costs a roll, and I know the rule in life is - If you have to ask, you can't afford it. So I am scared to ask because I really love it. I am sure I will rationalize that a ceiling is just one wall, and it will be so worth it and we will keep it there forever and ever. Also, if I want to over do it like I tend to do, I can buy the matching window film and totally freak out kid out. 

So those are my top five picks for ceiling wallpaper that I think would work well in a boys room, or any kids room for that matter. I imagine it's a real pain to hang, and I am sure Joey is really excited about that task. Which do you like best? Is the last one a little to Hitchcock? Is the first one too over done?


BIG News! Long Story...

Hello Friends! We hope all is well and Spring was super productive! We have not been so productive! Funny thing about life, you plan, and then BOOM, life gets in the way. I was very excited to have the Lake House Project be complete so I can get back to my world, my home, and my blog. Remember that thing I just said about life getting in the way of plans?....Well, here's the story.

The last bit of the Lake House I started feeling not so well and was pumping myself with caffeine pills just to get through the days. I thought I had the flu, then walking pneumonia, and was just trying to brush it off. Some days I simply felt like I couldn't stand. If you know me, you know this is not like me at all. I have never taken a nap as a adult and a 70 hour work week is the norm. So the final week of this Lake House Project I had to take a bit of a backseat (for five months I was basically alone on the project with help coming in from LA on occasion).This was a bummer, because this was the fun part. Five months of managing sub-contractors and materials on a full reno - not to have any fun at the end. Fail. 

So I had some previous obligations which were paid for, like going to Texas for my brother-in-law's graduation and I figured I would take it easy. Well, I was beginning to REALLY REALLY REALLY not feel myself when I would sleep, but not feel rested. It was like I wasn't living myself, just observing. 

We had a miscarriage the previous month and I knew my cycle was a bit off and thought maybe this lasting "ill" feeling had to do with that. So we decided to make a Doctor's appointment while we were in TX, and I figured I may as well take a pregnancy test while we were there just so we can say we did and get an appointment.

Welp, that pregnancy test was positive! Many mysteries solved. Much anxiety about all the caffeine I had taken to get through the days. I was in "working condition" for about another two weeks. I could drive, cook, do laundry, and basic stuff done. Then, that kinda ended. I am nauseous 95% of the day and vomit when I do something as simple as sit up. Watching TV, or going on a computer is a complete chore. I can't stomach anything. I thought I would brave a business trip to London. Sit. Fly. Sit. Conference. Sleep. No big deal. Not so much. I puked the entire plane ride and spent more time with my hotel toilet then I did doing ANYTHING in London. I took photos from the cab, and didn't eat a single full meal. I came home and immediately canceled my trip to FL where Joey and I planned on telling my dad in person. Bummer.

So DIY projects - not happening by me. Blog posts - I am on day four of typing this little guy to get you in the know. However I think I will be able to swing some information posts! We have SO many things we NEED to do and we are SO excited to share all of it - I just need a few more weeks (that's what we are hoping!) and I can crawl out of bed, and from beyond the bathroom floor and get my hands dirty. I am sure some of you are reading this and thinking how on earth can she complain! I seriously wish I was one of those people who were "I love pregnancy! This is great", but I don't and it's not. I hope it gets better soon, but eating white bread and being face down in bed drooling on a pillow isn't my idea of a good time when invitations to Summer fun get passed and I haven't eaten grown-up food in over a month. This is going to be my only rant-rave-and-complain post. This blog isn't about pregnancy, constipation, and hugging your toilet. Promise.

In the mean time I will leave you with a photo of our last DIY project! New ultrasound photo next week! Here is the little bean the side of a sesame seed! He/she's already as big as a kumquat now!