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We Started Water Harvesting. Finally. 

Last Spring we bought this water harvesting barrel, and never got to setting it up. It was quite easy. Here's a beak down of what we did. 

1. Pick a Place. 2. Measure barrel (to the top of the barrel). 3. Cut drain (to the point you measured) 4. Put the Barrel under the drain 5. Enjoy.

Like I said, seriously simple. So why are we water harvesting? Here are our top 10 reasons we water harvest!

#1 It was super simple to get started!

#2 It's free (almost) and there is so much of it! For every inch of rain on a 2K squarefoot roof, 1,250 gallons of water can be reused. Pretty awesome.

#3 Most people use 3K gallons of water a week to maintain their lawn, we figure, waste not want not. The grass is happy and we save 1/2 the gallons with just one barrel. Plus, it's better for landscape growth!

#4 This leads to......reduced water bills!

#5 It's a small action that makes a large impact. 

#6 Water harvesting is easy to maintain. You don't need to buy a bunch or replenish filters.

#7 It doesn't take up a lot of space, yet holds a lot of water.

#8 It provides an emergency supply of water.

#9 It's convenient because we don't have a hose where we want to plant some beds.

#10 We don't feel bad "wasting" water.




Table Top Trot

Hello! We have been a little "shop" happy lately, and it all started with Joey suggesting we need new silverware. We had many discussions on the direction we were going, and he gave me the green light to get these guys...

At $29 a place setting from West Elm, there was really no excuse to not get them, but the silliest thing held me back. The knife. I know it's totally silly, and I am sure there is a reason the "blade" isn't gold - but I just couldn't bend. It's not like you can buy a flatware set and exclude the butter knife. Bummer. 

Then, we were shopping in Brooklyn and popped into out friends Tony's store, Abode. It's hands down our favorite shop for home goods in the 11211. It opened up just as we were moving to Westchester, but we go back often to dig through the well curated picks. As we were chatting, Joey came upon these.

We had kinda noticed it before, but we paid attention this time and realized - this flatware is sexy. That butter knife looks serious. We wanted it. We conically throw out silverware (no idea how), but these guys demand attention and to not be married with the trash. Pus they cost way more than $29 a set - so shame on us if we lose a single piece. The super modern sexy look works well with the rough and tumble vintage-brit thing we have going on. Welcome little shiny friends!

I think they mix well with our quirky kitchen collection. If you like these guys too, they run about $80 a set and you don't have to live in the BK to snag them. Abode has a website, and these happen to be available on there

Have you splurged somewhere unexpected recently? Score anything fun that you use everyday? Or do you throw away flatware too by mistake?


Brimfield Recap #1 

Ah! Brimfield! I didn't think we were going to make it! I was vomiting for two days straight and successfully hid it from Joey until day three when I broke down and collapsed from being sick. I figured if he didn't know how sick I was, we would get to go to Brimfield! It was super important to me for a few reasons. Reason #1, this would effectively be the 6th trip we had paid for and not taken in the past three years. Reason #2, my life has been about everyone else for an ENTIRE year. I seriously have done so little for myself. My dad, husband, and doctor have all been telling me to relax. I have literally driven myself to the hospital more than once from over working myself. My body literally breaks down and then I panic when things get backed up. Brimfield was going to be my relief this year. It was important, but my odds of going were almost nada based on how I felt, and the amount of work I had/have going on. Then, my amazing husband made it all go down.

He packed us up late at night and drove us to a friends house in Boston. We spent the night there and then early the next morning we were off to Brimfield! I was totally on medication to get me through it, but it was so worth it! So here is part one of our Brimfield adventures!

Gretchen invited Joey and myself to the #Brimfield Tweet up. I have to say if you are a blogger (and even if not) the tweetup is the way to go!

The tent was beautiful and chock full of of awesome. An insane bar along with a friendly and talented bartender, a clean and dry place to rest your puppies, awesome bloggers. 

  Being BIG Robert Allen Fans, it was exciting to see the new naturals line sneak peek at the #brimfield tent!

We spent a lot of time shopping, and we will share all the photos of what we thought awesome, and what we actually brought home in post #2. Below is a taste of a few small things we picked up and love so much!

Joey walked away with this compass from England for $40. He really loves it and I have to admit, it's

pretty neat!

I am in LOVE my my whale paper weight/clip! He's heavy brass and totally cute. Hi, Mr. Whale!

This little brass bunny is the protector is stamps! You are such a cute little guy!

I fell in love with this pillow! It's going in the kiddie room!

I tried to win a sailboat on ebay twice and failed! Hello $5 find at Brimfield!

Little brass peacock, you belong to me! Can't decide where to put you, but I want to see you around!

I know these pillow cases scream grandma, but I couldn't handle it. Joey couldn't understand my squeals of happy, but I know I'll have sweet dreams on these!  

       Joey was very happy our friend Tyler was at Brimfield. It was super cute to watch them shop!

This tent made me feel like a little girl!

How we will do Brimfield Next Time:

We will definitely be back! Next time we go going EARLY on day one! I totally feel we missed out on what the pro's picked through! Now that we know what to expect, we will be way more prepared. You will walk A LOT. The ground is uneven and dressing cozy is super important. We went when everything was very wet, so I suggest if you are going in May, you be prepared. Some tips that worked for us:

  1. We brought a TON of reusable bags from IKEA and supermarkets like Trader Joes and Whole Foods - Totally came in handy!
  2. Don't bother getting a manicure before hand! Mine was trashed 1/2 way through the day!
  3. When you want to bargain with a vendor, but aren't use to it, try askig this: "Would you consider taking $X for this". It worked well for us and I didn't feel slimy after. 
  4. DON'T leave at the end of the day. Traffic is INSANE! To go 2 miles can take two hours! Go early, leave early, repeat! 
  5. Do the #Brimfield Tweetup! It's worth it. Trust.
  6. Print a schedule of what fields open when - it will be useful!
  7. Be aware cell service is totally choppy
  8. If you are vegetarian, be warned! You will be living on kettle corn and soggy potato pancakes! Bring something to eat. 

Note to Brimfield Vendors:

I don't want to be a nosey Nelly, but I think you learn from outsiders observing, and this is just my take - so take it with a grain of salt :)

  1. Please! Please! Please! More midcentury modern vendors! There were like two tents with any midcentury modern pieces! The North East is seriously lacking and I PROMISE YOU, you would bank if you came to Brimfield with some Danish Lamps.
  2. I was a little confused about the pricing. I would have gone home with SO MUCH more if I didn't know any better. Some items were X2, X3, and X4 more than they should have been. I understand a lot of vendors are shop owners and have their "shop" prices on things. Maybe keep these things back at the shop?...
  3. I am not easily offended, but there was a lot of "nazi" items which threw me. I wanted to hide it behind stuff.
  4. I heard a lot of shoppers complaining about the "crafts" and "reproductions". 

One of the few midcentury modern tents.


Overall we met some AMAZING people and had a total blast! I am so excited to share what we bought! Joey actually bought MORE than I did! I wish I wasn't feeling so dreadful. We relaxed the following day to recoup from all the walking around. I wish I had the energy to hang out with the #brimfield tweetup group longer!

A BIG thanks to @gaubuchondesign @thedailybasics  for involving us in such an amazing time! These ladies are truely talented and amazing!

Did you go to Brimfield? Find anything great? Any tips for future trips? Comment and let us know!