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Daily Dosey Doe

Everyday we have adapted to some ritualistic habits that went unnoticed until recently. We thought we would share what we do on a daily basis to help keep our home (and our minds!) in a condition we can be proud of, and manage. It's easy to let life take over and neglect things here and there, but over all we are pretty proud of the habits we adopted with being new home owners. Is there anything you do every day (or almost every day)? If so, please share! We would love to know!


1. We make the bed every day. There is something about crawling into a made bed at the end of a long days work. It also makes the bedroom look clean and serine. I remember as a child HATING to make the bed, and I am pretty sure Joey never made a bed before we met, but now, as proud home-owners, we both take on the responsibility and it's a little thing that makes us happy.

2. Clean the floors. Now most people probably don't need to clean their floors on a daily basis. We do. We have two puppies and a kitty running around this joint 24/7 and boy can they leave a trail of dust behind them! The only way to combat this is a daily sweep and swiffer, of not, things would get gross real quick!

3. Walk around the house. We don't do this every day, but we do it most days. We pop outside to see what new flowers are blooming, discuss what color we want to paint the house, and brainstorm about what we need. It's a nice 5 minutes we get to spend not really working on the house, but day dreaming together what will be.

4. Purging useless things.Like junk mail, old receipts, plastic bags, etc. It's amazing how much junk you wind up with while settling into a new home. We are constantly sifting through mail and junk and filling up contractor sized bags with waste. Good thing we aren't horders, or we would already have a house filled with junk mail.

5. Check off something on the almighty to-do scroll. Our list is long. Very long. If we simply do laundry, or get part of a large project done, we are happy. Doing something every single day keeps us motivated. Seeing results is the best reward ever.

6. Cooking homemade meals.We cook almost every night. Since we met we have cooked almost every night. I really enjoy it and Joey is always pleased with home made yum to fill his tum. Honestly we don't always cook together, but we eat together every night no matter what the day brings. We cook so much, we finally decided to sign ourselves up for a CSA program!



Reader Comments (1)

Well, I admit I don't make the bed everyday. :( And I don't cook nightly either, but I'm doing better! :)

June 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterElle Sees

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