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Office: Take Two

As I begin to see the glorious light at the end of this massive project, I am energized to conquer my own space once again, and begin with my office. This Lake House project with Emily has given me so many ideas for my own home and I want to kickstart my own homes  long haul with the place I create. I had this while serious "FDR Chic" (as Emily dubbed it) idea in my head, but that's the rest of my house. I want my office to be special and bright and fun. I kinda over did it with my guest room...

Joey set me free in this room, and I went BANANAS. I was over it before I was done with it, so I need to be careful with my office. I think if I revisit the curtains and closet fabric, it will do wonders. But this isn't about the guest room, it's about the office. So here is what I am thinking...



I am going to use white.....more liberally.

I have this amazing desk from ABC carpet and home from India and the pretty "For Like Ever" print I need a good home for to kick start. I already started painting the icky yellow walls white, and putting up the gold polka dots. It feels so much better already! I am so excited the weather is warming up. I am itching to get back to things around here.