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Blogging, or Lack There Of...

Happy Friday! As you may have noticed, we have gone MIA, again. I have been struggling for a while about how to balance blogging, with clients, and a huge renovation I am working on with Emily Henderson. At the same time Joey's business has been booming and home projects have been on hold for the most part. We have some big plans and ideas we are dying to execute, but it's been hard to pick a start date. It took us about two and a half weeks to hang this painting above. Yep.

I am sure as you read this you can understand balancing is a pretty tough cookie. I have never been awesome at it. The past 10 years of my life I have had one mode, and that mode is work. We have planned, paid for, and canceled five vacations over the past three years. Not awesome. Work gets in the way of life a lot for us. We have made promises to ourselves to try and get 48 hour blips of time for fun between the obligations, and that will kick off with an awesome offer from a client to go to his Inn in Cape Code. We are super excited. He convinced me I needed to nights, so I may, in fact...relax.

Spring is officially here and our to-do list looks more like a short novel these days, so, no fear! A slew of exciting DIY projects are on their way. And to those who have popped over emails checking in on us, thanks for the love. We are alive and well! All's good! Just reorganizing life back to a place where we get to make home a priority again. xxoo