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Some Important Stuff - Negril is booking up quickly!

Hi everyone! We have some important information we wanted to share to make your your travels pleasant! - Please read carefully.

Jessica, our wedding coordinator can help you with the following:

- Once your flight is booked, you can contact her, or in due time she will contact you to help with you arrangements from Montego Bay Airport to where you will be residing. We hope to get everyone's flight information to help coordinate people with one another.

- Jessica is not a travel planner. She can help you and recommend options, but all of that information can be found right here on this blog. If you do not have internet (or your reading this and you know someone doesn't have internet) Jessica can pay special care to those needs.

-If you have a specific questions about flights, or if hotels have rooms, etc please contact the vendor directly. If you have a wedding related question (how long are most people staying, I have specific dietary needs, how is this week going to go...) please contact Jessica.

The process will go something like this:

Yay! You decide to come!
Book Your flight to Montego Bay Airport
E mail or call Jessica with your flight time and accommodation information

Receive a package in the mail (Late February/Early March) from Joey and I requesting:

What meal you would like during the wedding reception
Asking if you would like to join in the activity day we plan for 5/26
Providing you with details about Negril as far as currency, transportation, etc
A map of our venue
Anything else that gets brought up we feel you may need. :)



Please note something important. We have rented the entire Tensing Pen property May 24-27th. This may sound like there is room for a lot of people, but unfortunately there are only about 12 cottages. Currently we have filled these rooms with wedding party, wedding helpers, parents, etc. If you have any questions if you are in the room, please e mail or call Jessica and ask. IF anything opens up we will be MORE THAN HAPPY to pass on that info.

Also - TenSing Pen has no air condition, no wi-fi access and no TV

If you are not staying at TenSing Pen:

It has been brought to my attention that rooms in the West End of Negril, Jamaica are filling up FAST!


Sandles is booked the week of our wedding
Tensing Pen is booked from the 24-27th (I believe the week before and after as well)

Beaches - May also be booked

You may want to try:

The Rock House (right next door and very much like TenSing Pen)

Negril Escapes


Nirvana on the Beach
(941) 708-0203


1-876-957 0121


A map of the area

Thanks + Love


holidays are a'over - wedding invites are a'movin!

we hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season. we have been up to catching up with old friends and bonding with new ones.

Nicole V. My best friend from high school - it's been 10 years!

New Year's Eve

we have been receiving lots of phone calls with lots of questions - so i am going to continue to provide as much info as i can on our blog. i have also tried to make categories over to the right (---->) so you are not forced to read the whole blog. :)

below is a great little map of Negril, Jamaica (were our wedding is located) Tensing Pen (our venue) is located right next to The Rock House (another resort like location)

we have rented out the entire Tensing Pen property - so if you call they will say they have no availability from May 22-27th 2009.

The red dots on the map indicate hotels - the closest ones are:

The Rock House
Ocean Edge Resort
Negril Escapes Resort

we have been to rock house and it is VERY nice and clean and accommodating, the other places we can't comment on - because we don't know what they are like.

now for the elephant in the room -

Tensing Pen holds 45 people - we have invited about 150 - we can not fit 150 at tensing pen (does everyone RSVP yes when your wedding is in Jamaica? - we'll find out :)

we have a break down of wedding party, immediate family and support tentatively filling these rooms - if something opens up - we will contact you for sure.

Jessica Ortiz (who's info is in the invite will help you/contact you if/when something opens up)

(click map for larger view!)

The first batch of invitations have gone out today! Standing there putting them in the mailbox was an insane feeling. Each little handmade imperfect invite will be coming to your home very very soon! We have made two unique versions of the invites. Some are craftpaper brown, and some are light green.

Wedding sneak peeks:

we love you and hope your year is exciting and joyful! xo



Suggested Packing for Jamaica/More Info

Just some small suggestions :)

- A valid passport
- Bathing Suites! Bring as many as you can.
- Flash Light. It gets very very dark at night.
- Jamaican Dollars, I think it's cheaper if you exchange in America
- Any cosmetics under 3 oz., you can't really shop for these things in Negril, Jamaica
- Very light clothing
- Sunglasses
- Bug Spray (under 3 oz.)

We will bring a steamer to fix wrinkled clothing and delicates. TenSing Pen will provide shampoo, lotion, bar soap, towels, and other basic lodging accommodations. There is a small "shop" across the street where refreshments, beer, and snacks can be purchased.

TenSing Pen can provide spa services as well as book activities. Just look on

I also found this place which looks great!

Here is a good site to check weather.

Internet service can be found at the TenSing Pen office. If you want more internet time, I found these:

Easy Rock Internet Cafe (West End)

Blue Waters Internet Cafe (West End)

Surf N Talk (Beach Road)

I will post more as I find things our guests may need.