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Dreaming of a Simple Life

Hi! Happy weekend! I haven't showered or eaten a full meal in three days. I literally ran home and jumped in a shower to wash away the chaos today. Let's say life has reached a level of insane I never thought possible. Count down to lake-house-complete has begun! With Emily and Orlando here to help with the final touches of the renovation and begin installation, I am beginning to see that light at the end of the tunnel more clearly. For the past four months, my life has been dedicated to a full renovation including (but not limited to!) three bathrooms, a kitchen, and three bedrooms. Plus adding a laundry room. I am so excited to see this house complete. It will also be a little sad because I kind of feel like I am in a relationship with the house. I have seen her at her worst, and I am about to see her at her best. Bitter sweet.

The weeks to follow the Lake House are pretty exciting! Joey and I are heading to Brimfield! This is our first time. We are super excited to get sucked up in the chaos! Tons of people we know and love will be there, plus we have some new people to meet. I convinced Joey I need a pick up truck and thought it would be perfect timing to get one before we headed up to Brimfield. Then I found this...

My heart stopped. My blood pumped. It was like someone out there went in my brain and restored this 52' Ford Pickup to my exact specifications. She's got a wood flat bed. She's a pinky-purple. Her face is gorgeous. She works. Sold! Sold! Sold!

Then, Joey pointed out two things. #1, the auction was over and didn't meet the reserve at 5K and we would no longer have time to pick her up and make Brimfield. #2, she's stick. I don't know how to drive stick and don't think I can learn in less than a week. I cried.

Then I found this pretty happy little man...

 ....but he's totally not in usable condition. Bummer. He's at about $750 right now. That would have been amazing. 

Long painful story short, I will not be rolling into Brimfield in a kick a** pickup from 52'. I doubt my BMW has enough space for everything I am sure I am going to want to buy. 

Are you going to Brimfield? How's your planning going?


Because I don't know photoshop...

I decided to poke around the internet to find some tools to make my posts more interesting. I have always loved the way handwriting looks on photos, but feel silly using "handwritten" fonts that aren't my own writing! I found a super easy program that is not only cheap, is super quick to use on both PC and Macs. It took about 10 minutes total from printing the sheet, to writing the fonts, scanning, and uploading! I will be the first to admit Joey and I are both not pro's at photoshop. I just learned to make an animated .gif earlier this week and tested it out yesterday. Defiantly not a strong point of ours when it comes to blogging. We will spend 10 hours researching an oven, and skip the techy stuff!


I am so excited to see my silly handwriting as a font! I also subbed out some of the traditional QWERTY symbols for something more fun!

I don't see myself or Joey using the font to actually write blog posts, but it is super fun to use oh photos, and I love the idea you can make whatever symbol you want for symbols you won't really use! Also, you can do a cute signature!

*both products above from dwellstudio



Mind your ABC's & 123's !

Super loving these ABC's and 123's from Paul Thurlby!

How fun would these be in a kids room? I am really digging the "M" is for

Mountain and "A" is for Awesome! Just thought I would share a little cheer!