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The Tree is Done!

I am so  so so over the moon excited, happy, and overjoyed (they all mean the same thing, eh?) that the amazing mural Duane has been working on is, in fact, complete. It's the most amazing tree I have ever seen in my entire life, and the face that it was created by one of the most amazing people I have met in my life, makes it beyond special. The Tree of Life, over at Disney use to be my favorite tree ever. That was until Joey broke my heart and told me it was a fake tree. Kinda like the day I found out Santa Clause wasn't real.

So now we have our very own special fake tree, which was a total labor of love from our very special and methodical friend. Needless to say, it's my new favorite tree. 

From this here above, to this here below, she was grown.

The details can not be missed!

There she is. We love her. And we love Duane too. Yay for another step in the kids room. 



Parisian Circus, I love you so!

Hey there fellow DIY friends! We hope your week is treating you well! A few weeks back I spoke about mixing black stripes in with the Rabat stencil we just did on our Master bedroom wall. This made me toss and turn every night for days on end. How am I going to make this work? I realized I was forcing it, and it was going to look that way. So I did the smartest thing I could, I decided our child's room would be "Parisian Circus", and I would live in an "adult room".  Now what to do with $200 worth of gorgeous fabric we bought at Mood? Fear not my friend, a little black and white magic!

So with the pretty fabric I decided to make some window valances in the kido-s room, because it will look amazing with the mural Duane is painting and I can still do my Circus!

Pretty spot on, eh? That's Joey with the almost finished mural Duane started earlier for us last year. If we ever move, that wall is coming with me. Slanted or not - I am cutting it out!

I decided to try out the whole foamboard valance tutorial I have seen on a few blogs. Now I don't know if I am DIY impaired, but I followed those instructions, and wound up a bit confused. Now I loved the idea of using foamboard - non-permanent, lightweight, east to work so I thought. 

I taped the foamboard in place with duct tape. Check. Stapled some batting to the foamboard. Check. Wait - the staples started falling out. Hmmmm...So I grabbed the Permanent Scotch mounting tape. That worked pretty well. Added the fabric. Check. Then after I kinda handled it for a moment it felt...flimsy. Joey was like "What did you expect? It's foamboard!"


    Then a few moments later we wound up with this....

Pop, pop, pop - the staples came right out. Aight' they didn't go "pop", but that's what it felt like! So I turned the the almighty handyman Joey and was like "Hey babe, can you help me do this right?" and of course he did lickety split!


 Here I am happy to be using a nail gun on the wood valance. I was pretty happy everything was staying in place. 

So this is what we wound up with. I am SUPER happy with the final result. I have TONS of fabric, so the internal debate is to make the curtains out of the same fabric, or just do striped valances?

What are you thoughts? Would striped curtains + striped valance be a whimsy Parisian Circus statement? Or use another fabric under the valance? Do tell!


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