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Cha cha cha changes!: Master Bedroom

Sooooooo, we made some changes to the bedroom. When we build the bed, we placed it on the far side of the master bedroom - in front of a window. We were always "eh" about it, but it made the most sense because of where the cable is hooked up. Then Mr. Orlando questioned it, and while I was defending my decision, I realized I was talking fluff. Here is what it's looked like for the past six months:

build a bed

Meh at best. To give you an idea of what's going on, on the other side of the room:

diy bedframe

So with the new year, we went for a new look. A little more interest, color pops, and smiles.

mantel design

We kept the moose in his home (check out a nifty tip on how we hung him!), and added some more art and curiosities. 

vintage school map, timothy oulton

Things changed by the bathroom hallway a lot! We moved our Timothy Oulton chest console and put a real vintage school map above it. We really love it over here now.

stencil wall, timothy oulton

If you take a few steps back, the couch and coffee table are pretty much in the same spot they were before. It just works.

The window that was covered up by the bed, is now free to let even more light in! So much better!

chevron lampshade, danish lamp

The chest across the room got a new lamp and shade, and I moved the succulants closer to the natural light. 

brass chandy

The bed was moved to where our old bed use to be when we first moved in. It looks a bit wonky because we still have a queen mattress on the king frame. Shame on us. We resolve to get the king mattress in the next few months. I was able to find our old duvet cover from dwell again, right after I purchased one from Orla Kiely. Oh well!

peace plate

We added some light to that dark corner. 'Sup classy brass?

make a house a home

Joey got me this super cute peace plate for Christmas. I wouldn't dare eat off of it. Hello new home for air plant. 

making a house a home, bedroom decor

So that's where we are with our master bedroom. It feels more lived in and less sterile than before. I love what a little color has done! Have you ever had that happen to you? Just add a little color, and the whole feeling of the room changes?




Grab some tea, it's eye candy overload time!

Happy happy! We seem to be in a chipper mood this week. Maybe it has something to do with the kitchen being so-close-to-done. Maybe it's because I have a birthday weekend coming up! I wanted to share some happy images that have been inspiring us in our home. Let's do this!









We tend to lean more towards neutrals in our home. I love the idea of single pops of color in a room. Something you can swap in and out easily. Maybe we will give it a go. For now  drooling over these photos will do me good. 


It's Progress Report Time People!

Hi there love! How was your Monday? I spent most of the day painting the downstairs guestroom. It already looks soooooo much better! Lighter, brighter! I would totally share photos, but it's a stencil project, and what's the fun in sharing the first layer? We also started hanging the refinished cabinets up in the kitchen! I do however have some photos to share! After 40 days and 40 nights of rain in the NYC, I finally got some shots of the upstairs guestroom with some sun light. She's done!

When I say "done", I mean shes in a condition we don't dread, and we know some other stuff needs to be done, but we are happy for now. It's totally our POW room. Everything in the house is pretty neutral so far, and it's a pretty random room. See we had a pretty colorful apartment, and I had so much stuff from Etsy and Anthropologie, I just had to make a room to justify keeping some of those prized possessions.

I had some left over fabric from the closet curtains, so I whipped up a little pillow for the reading nook. The chair I grabbed from the garden room and the fan we found ages ago at Elephants Trunk. The chandy is from Urban Outfitters, maybe 4 years ago.

So we are crossing this off the good ol' list! It was awesome to do a room at no cost! The only thing we paid for was the lamp and $100 for the fabric. I am dedicated to getting the next guest room done twice as fast. If you are keeping track, here is where we are at:

1.) Finish the kitchen cabinets (oil polyurethane yellowed, now we need to redo with water based. we were warned).

2.) Finish the curtains in the guest room; I reordered the fabric! Should be here soon! + Finish styling

3.) Greywash fireplace in bedroom

4.) Greywash heater covers in bedroom

5.) *Bonus* Greywash whole closet in master bedroom.

6.) Patch water leak in dining room + paint entire dining room

7.) Patch water leak in foyer + paint entire foyer ceiling

8.) Paint/Stencil downstairs guestroom - 1/2 DONE!

9.) Patch wall in downstairs bathroom

10.) Move couch to Joey's office; two flights of stairs...ugh!

11.) Buy new dishwasher and have it installed

12.) Buy five (yes five!) fans and install

13.) Install backsplash in kitchen

14.) Install counters in kitchen

15.) Purge my closet, big time - Hello Goodwill!

16.) Install light outside we bought two years ago - I know, I know...

17.) Hang pillars in bedroom + finish that window wall

Now that your down reading this, go enter this weeks giveaway!