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Little (Creepy) Boy: Finds a Home!


Remember our creepy little boy we adopted? Welp, we cleaned him up and found him a great place to live!

A few months back we "adopted" him at the amazing flea market, Elephants Trunk. Joey made a decision (with out me!) to use the left over spray chalkboard paint we used on the fridge to give the frame a facelift. Lucky for Joey, I really like the results.

It seemed last time we brought creepy boy up, in regards to where he should live, you guys had a lot to say! We really loved the guest bathroom idea, so that's were we put him! After repainting that room, he really looks great and if I can convince Joey to paint that bathroom black, he will make a great foretelling of what the inside of the bathroom will look like!

It totally creeps us out how ghostly he looks, but at the same time we are a little obsessed with him. I love how perfect that spot is too. He points right at the bathroom. Awesome! Also, see that tiny hallway right outside the door? well it's boxed in by four doors. I am thinking black and whit stripes right there. We'll get into that another day. We just never showed you that before. We are full of secccrrreeeettts.

So, you think he's looking good? Opposite of him is the newly stenciled wall. Now if I can just get my hands on some uniformed pallets, I can wrap this room up! So close!

Goooooo Peeeeeee! Haha sorry. I had to.


Shim Shimma

Hello lovelies! We are off to a late start this week, with good reason. My dad turned 70! We took a little trip to celebrate with some family and now we are back home cracking the whip at the good 'ol to-do list! Gotta love the perks of real time blogging!

So, we have been living like this in our master bedroom for months....

Ugh. Not so safe. Not so pretty. I just super hated those plastic off white guards so much. So, We switched out all the faceplates in the room with these...

Mucho better! Notice one of the slots where a switch is supposto live is empty? That's where good 'ol Mr. fan is going to reside - once we finally make a decision on a fan! So for now this one looks a bit wonky, but the rest look super slick!

One thing we are on the fence about it the white switch inside the faceplate. Just don't know how to feel about that yet, but we are super in love the with hearty brushed metal faceplace, no doubt. Now to think about the brass knobs! Some more shimma we added to the room came in the form of spraypaint!

The master bedroom had this tiny speck of pink I just couldn't handle any more. I had to do something about it. I loved the vase that was pink, but I just didn't dig the color for the bedroom

So I lugged her outside while Joey was working on the cabinets for the kitchen, plopped us in the middle of the back yard along with some silver spray paint and foil.

I wrapped the rubber plant in the foil, as to not put stress on her by repotting, the potting back in the pink vessel. She's one of the few plants I haven't killed yet.

Then I simply went to town with the silver spray paint. No prepping or priming, just straight paint on vase action. And it worked. And it looks sooooooooooo much better in the bedroom!

It's not that I don't like pink, I love pink! I just didn't want pink in the bedroom!

So there it is! I am still figuring out what to do with the foot of the vase. I want to think of something unique!

So how was your weekend? Did you add some shimma somewhere in your home?! I want to see.


4th Times a Charm

I have been trying to stop sneezing long enough to write a post! Seriously! I am officially allergic to the morning. Hello world, here is your memo! For 3-4 hours every morning you will get nothing but sneezes out of me! Now back to our regularly scheduled post....

Hope you aren't all sneezy! So when Joey was working on the Pinterest Challenge in the Kitchen, I was in the weird-o breakfast nook, which by the say is way too claustrophobic to be a breakfast nook. What was I doing in the breakfast nook? Beautifying!

Pulling colors from the newly modified wall space above the cabinets, we chose a warm grey to cover one wall in the nook. So far we have invested $15 in wood and $10 in chalkboard spray paint. Compared to those rockstar prices, this $26 gallon of paint has been the luxury purchase so far.

So the plan was to simply paint the wall and add some $3.50 decals I found at Home Goods.

That was the plan. Then the plan changed. We have a bev-fridge that lives where the fork is, and has to live there because there are no outlets on this room. Behind that wall we have an outlet at the perfect height, hence the bev-fridge must live in that very place.

Down came the fork and the spoon. Out the window went the vision.

Perhaps I was distracted because at that very moment Joey was working on the chalkboard fridge two feet away from me. Being the nosey Nelly that I am, I kept peeking in and "helping".

So I carefully restuck the fork and spoon on the swing door which leads into the dining room to give them a safe and temporary home. Then I problem solved that darn wall. It seems like a waste of space, so I wanted to give it purpose. 

Soooo I came up with the idea of rustic built-in's. Reclaimed wood, like in the kitchen, to house the massive amount of kitchen goods we have.  Plus give an attractive place for little miss bev-fridge to live. 

So I took a very simple idea to plot out how the shelves would be best utilized based on how Joey hung the deer head, and went to work. Goodness, we love our Scotch Blue Tape! I looked at the items we had, and measured them, then started taping and labeling on the wall.

This was exactly the guide we needed for when we put the shelving up. We are still on a hunt for salvaged wood, but so far we are excited about the vision of this wall. And why is 4th time a charm you ask?...

We had to paint the wall four times before it stuck! It kept peeling and nicking. We almost gave up on it all together! Weirdness.

Any tips on where get to reclaimed wood around NYC? We are on the hunt, and of course checking out Build it Green in Queens....Secret places anyone wants to share?